My family... the most important people in my life. Let me introduce you to them!

    First, my dear Dad. Where would I be without someone to help me sort through life, to lovingly give me advice, and is always there to talk about 'guy problems'. My Dad is awesome, enjoys golf, basketball and a myriad of other sports... he likes it when I bake goodies, he enjoys hard work, and being a good example to me and my younger brothers.

    Then, of course, my Mom. Mom, turn the word upside down and you have "wow" SO true!! My Mom is definitely "wow" with everything she has taught me about life and all the advice she gives me. She's taught me to cook, clean, think outside the box, and be a loving person. My Mom likes cooking, reading, discussing anything politics with anyone, sitting in the sun, playing tennis, working out, and just about anything that involves taking me and my brothers to one of our thousands of activities. ;)

    Noah! Younger brother number one. He's my best friend, well, at least he was... back when he was shorter than me. Nah just kidding. We have always had great times together, from building forts and creating random videos... to playing games and helping each other with schoolwork. He likes playing basketball, eating (what 16 year old guy doesn't?) and writing amazing song lyrics. Seriously, he's good!

    Ezra! Younger brother number two. Affectionately called "Ezzy", this awesome guy is always ready to fix a problem I have or build me something random. Like that one time when I asked him to fix my pen... and instead turned it into some rocket launching pea-shooting something-or-other. (which soon followed with a trip to Walmart for more pens) He loves swimming, eating (what 13 year old guy doesn't?), building crazy stuff, and playing any sport or game so long as it is high-energy.

    Judah! Younger brother number three. He's a walking, talking, breathing atlas, GPS, calculator, and encyclopedia all rolled into one. We fill up with gas - he pipes up with the gas mileage we got (math done in his head). We start talking about a town, any town - he pipes up with the exact population. It's crazy how his mind was made for numbers!! Other than that, he likes to golf, be organized, eat (what 11 year old guy doesn't?), wear collared shirts, and count stats for every sport we watch.

(white water rafting summer '09 in Oregon)