Monday, November 23, 2009

up-date-ing-ness!!! (and a bunch of awesome links)

Wow! It's been awhile since I have posted! At least, it feels like awhile, only been a week I know. So - here I go on a big update:

- I passed American Government today! whoot! I now have 54 credits, and well on my way to being done with the testing part of my degree. Praise Yahweh! He is so good to me ... I don't even deserve it.

- I found a bartering website!!! No lie! Remember the good old days when there was no money, and your neighbor had milk and you had bread so you traded some? Well! I found a website that is just like that - only it's for books. I post books I have to get rid of, people request them and I send them to them. Each time I send one book to someone else, I get one book credit, useful for me getting a book from someone else! To keep! Forever! Until I decide to trade it for a different book. Yes, it's all free, all legal and so wonderful! So get involved with PaperBookSwap :D (they explain it better than I can) (and really, I posted 4 books last night, and I have requests for 3 of them today. So what books should I get in exchange .... decisions!!)

- I got a youtube account! finally! here is the one and only video I have posted ... it's rather lame and boring, but a video I took nonetheless. And it's from our trip, pretty cool! (on the side, yes, my user name is hip2Bgreen. Honestly, that was the only good user name left that didn't have a trillion numbers after it! And no, I'm not one of those totally insane environmental people. I think it's cool to recycle, get recycled stuff, wear shoes made from old tires and plastic bottles ... stuff like that. Not tree hugging, or carbon footprint reducing ... blegh.)

- I found a site with directions on how to run the new Chrome OS from a thumb drive!!! Did you know that Google came out with an OS that runs .... on the internet?!?!?! AH! I'm so excited to try it out!!! Thanks to Lifehacker for posting it, and to MakeUseOf for making this available to the public!!! whoot!!! *can't wait to do this* *if I do it ... pray my computer doesn't explode* :D

- I got to ride horse!!! For the first time in what - years? It was ''volunteer appreciation day'' at SPURS and I got to ride this AMAZING horse named Joker who just LOVED to run. We had a blast :D

Enough ''I''!!!! What is this week? THANKSGIVING!!! So here is a list that is much to short of things that I am eternally grateful for:
  • Yahshua and HIS saving grace and love and mercy - when I am so nothing
  • my family!!! Mom Dad - my brothers - are SO incredibly awesome!!!
  • my friends!!! aah just so great ... the friends I have now are a true blessing
  • the amazingness of the fact that I can get an education
  • that I have two jobs ... when so many people have zero
  • music, food, clothes, a car, glasses ...... all the material stuff that I don't deserve
  • last but most definitely not least ... I'm SO thankful I live in the US where religion, homeschooling, and all lots of things we can do without persecution. What a blessing.
God - you are really amazing - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

A Young Maiden's Daybook - it's been awhile :P

So I haven't done this for awhile ... here goes!

Today… is Monday, November 16th, 2009

Outside my window… sunny! and little kitties

I am thinking… I'm so excited (and kinda nervous) to teach dance tonight

I am thankful for… my brothers :D

I am wearing… a long light blue with yellow flowers skirt (with eyelet!) and my CollegePlus! hoodie! (I wear it ALL the time haha)

I am reading… The Man in the Iron Mask, American Government study guide, Genesis and Hebrews in the Bible

I am creating… a new case for my laptop! It's really pretty so far ... I just need to sew a strap.

One of my favorite things… smoothies MMM

For education this week… hopefully I can take the American Government CLEP this week!

A keeper at home skill I am using/learning ... laundry

A spiritual lesson I’m learning… to obey NOW - not in two seconds or three minutes, but right then.

A godly character trait I plan to work on… being kind and thinking of others before myself

Scripture I am memorizing… been working on Ya'aqob (James) 1 a little bit

I am praying for… my Dad's back

For the rest of the week… volunteer at SPURS, dance, study, read for fun, finish sewing my laptop case .... maybe I should make homemade bread too.

A picture I’d like to share ... one of my favorite pictures of the ocean from our trip ...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rubix Cube anyone?

I decided to add something to my list of things to do before I die. That being, to solve the Rubix Cube. My brother got one for his birthday one year, we sufficiently messed it up .... and it hasn't been solved since. It's been at least three years since he got that cube, so yeah. It needs to be solved. I've gotten close to having the first layer done a couple times, but then as I try and finish it, it just gets messed up again. ::sigh:: I just hope to finish it before I die. :D If you have any tips - lemme know! (btw, I'm using the ''white cross method'')

(oh, another thing, do you spell it ''Rubix'' or ''Rubik's''? I have seen it both ways ... hmm ... )

Friday, November 6, 2009

''... dancin' queen!''

Wanna hear a crazy story? Dance classes started the first week of September, and since we were on our trip it was obvious that I wouldn't be teaching any classes, or taking any, or anything since we'd be getting back way after classes started. Well, I emailed the teacher of a class when we got home, just to see if she would let me jump in to take her Jazz class. It would be fun, and a good work-out, and just one class. She said YES!!! (lol) so I go and take the class on Tuesday night. It was FUN! (and I got reeeaaaally sore :P )

Then, after class, the teacher and I were chatting afterwards, and mentioned she is teaching a tap class that she doesn't exactly like. Well ... it kind of snowballed from there ... and to make a long story short, I'm now going to be teaching her class for her for the rest of the year!

It's PreTap - two classes a week of 18 1st and 2nd graders. Fun! I'm excited - God is SO good. I have a job now (small though it is), I get to dance (which I didn't think I missed, but turns out I kinda do), and I get to teach little kiddies how to tap dance! :grins:

So! If any of you have smashing ideas for a tap dance recital number for 1st and 2nd graders .... let me know cause I'm on the lookout!