Saturday, April 30, 2011

why do we care?

no offense to anyone out there (especially to my sister who is marrying a wonderful guy from England), but this is kinda how I feel about the Royal Wedding:

but I do have to say, Kate's dress was beauuuuutiful. I loved, loved, loved it :D and I'm truly happy that they are finally husband and wife.*happy sigh*

Thursday, April 28, 2011


2 peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwiches
1 large glass of lemon-water
1 package of plain crackers
5 movies
1 tired sewing girl
14 leotards that need sequins sewn on them.

it just might be a long night.

oh and just for the record, any kids I might have in the future won't get away with throwing away their bread crusts. they want a piece of bread, they are eating the whole thing. period. :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

to dance or not to dance?

Gosh there are tough decisions in life. I am sitting on one right now... and I don't know what to do. *sigh* Yes, it has to do with dancing or not dancing... but I won't bore you with specifics.

I shall change the tune and wish you all a Happy Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread!! If you don't know what that is read Exodus 12. :) It's kind of hard to go without leaven for 8 days (there's a big part of me right now that would rather be whipping up a batch of bagels than typing this) - but the symbolism is SO important: get rid of the sin in your life. Thankfully, there's nothing we can do that can get rid of the sin... but that's why we have Jesus. Amazing, right?!

Speaking of which - in one of my essays for school I told my professor about Jesus' free gift of salvation.... got my worst grade ever on that essay. I don't care too much because I know I did the right thing and this grade won't count for my college GPA - but at the same time - I really do care. Because he just doesn't see it. :( <-- epically sad face.

On another happier note - I'm quite excited for this Friday!! It's the 2011 Lincoln Day Dinner - and our Congresswoman and State Governor will be speaking. And I get to go early and help set up. AND I get to bake a desert for the bake sale they're having. *does happy dance* It will be a nice change from sewing costumes, I have to tell you that!

And.... that was a lot of random stuff. But random is cool - especially for a Monday. Cheers. :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

true story

I think that I've finally forgiven you for all of the things you said,
It was hard to forgive, and much harder yet, will it be to forget.

I was so hurt and you didn't see the injury that you caused,
It's been a long time, many tears have been cried, but hope has not been lost.

When will you come to realize the things that you said were not kind?
I hope you find out, that feelings get hurt, and always keep that in mind.

First to forgive and then to forget is much easier said than done.
With Help I hope it's been conquered at last, yes, defeated: that first one.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

twas a creative weekend!

Before I tell you about my creative weekend, let me say thanks to Essie for enlightening us on Guest Bloggers! It was an honor to have you post on my blog, Essie :)

And now, some creative things I did this weekend:

 On Thursday evening, I tie dyed tshirts with my Adult Clogging class! They will wear these shirts for their recital dance - and I figured it would be much more fun to make them than to buy them. Turns out I was right - they had a blast! I made one just for fun (I'm not dancing with them in the recital) - and it turned out pretty neat I think!

 My dear Mom helped me make this tshirt - also for the dance recital! This dance I am dancing in - it is the other Adult Clogging class (different teacher, I'm just the assistant teacher, so I must dance in the recital for this one). We are dancing to "I've Been Everywhere" by...?? I can't remember. But anyways, we all have a different colored tshirt with a different city name on it. I got Houston 8-) And it's still on the ironing board because I have little silver stars I want to put on it.

My brother, Judah, had his birthday lunch on Friday, and he wanted lemon pie! So I tried my hand at making vegan, no-sugar, fat-free lemon pie. Apart from comments like "too sweet!" "needs more lemon!" "needs more filling!" my family enjoyed it :)

For work, I got to sew 7 pair of black lace arm poufs. (they are worn above the elbow - like a little poufy part of a sleeve) Black lace is hard to sew! But their costume will be really pretty - it's going to be black lace with emerald green :)

Then! I made a messenger bag. Here is the pattern I found - really great instructions and it was pretty easy to make! I made it harder because I decided to put batting in it, then I had to stitch the batting down, and I used a fancy stitch...!! Anyways - I think it turned out rather nicely:

the back pocket
the lining + 2 inside pockets
the fancy stitching... used like 2 full bobbins doing that!!

So yep - that's what I've been doing lately!! Can't do much else when it's pouring rain outside....

Monday, April 4, 2011

Guest Blogger

Greetings, Reader of India's Blog of Awesomeness!
Through a catastrophation... er... collaboration of India and I, she ever so kindly agreed to have me make my mark on her blog as a guest blogger.

The topic of this blog post, as you can see, is "Guest Blogger." And thus is the topic on which I am writing today.

Now there are several ways to look at a guest blogger: By meeting him or her in person and staring at him or her, looking at a picture of the guest blogger, looking at him sideways, looking at him through sparkly blue sunglasses, or even staring directly at the subject till he feels uneasy and goes away. Hopefully you do not plan on implementing the last on me, as I am a guest blogger and I might want to have some sort of conversation with you, which would be rather difficult if I found it necessary to walk away from you. But regardless, let us first attempt to discover more about "Guest Blogger" by looking at the word "Guest Blogger" itself.

In order to discover the meaning of the word "Guest Blogger," let us do what any unintelligent person would do and reveal to ourselves the etymology of the word. We will do this by dissecting it as we would a frog in 7th grade homeschool Biology class. The word "Guest Blogger" comes from... quite a few word parts, the exact number of which is not known at the time at which this has been written. Nevertheless, the first word part we find is "Gue." This word is a misspelling of the word "Glue." As you can see, the letter "L" has merely been forgotten or left out. The next part is "st B," which obviously is the name of the second street in some street grid somewhere. It was abbreviated in order to fit on the street sign which was rather small due to recent city budget cuts, and even though everyone wanted it to read "The Second Street which Runs Northward That is Named 'B' as to not be Confused with Street 2," it was put on the sign as "st B." Since as we all know, everything on the Internet is true, I googled the word part "Log" and found that it is either a short form for "Logarithm," (the definition of which I shall not share with you for.... personal reasons) or... a whollllle lot of other things, one of which redirects on Wikipdia to "Logging." However, in the upper right-hand corner of that page, I found a link which was enitled "Log in/create account." I did not click on the link, but assumed that in that case, logs go in and accounts are created. The definition of "Ger" is still pending, but personal speculation infers that it relates to the sound that people and some animals make when angry, slightly annoyed, or when trying to frighten something/someone. So basically, the etymological meaning of "Guest Blogger" has something to do with glue, streets, logs that go in, and perhaps a certain sound.

What is a Guest Blogger like?
The character of Guest Bloggers varies from person to person (assuming the Guest Blogger is a person). If you would like to know what I am like... Don't ask someone who claims to know me, and whom I claim to know Most of this type of person has described me as "funny" or "hilarious," which is absolutely not true. If you want to know what I am really like, the best course of action would be to become me. However, I cannot provide you with any steps of action on how to do this. But the next best thing would be to get to know me and listen to what I say. Of course, if you don't know who I am, the first part of that would be rather difficult.

What does a Guest Blogger do?
If I knew, I'd totally tell you. But from what I have gathered so far, a guest blogger creates a blog post which is placed on the blog of someone else. This can also be known as a "Blog Invasion." The Guest Blogger attempts to write on an interesting topic. As a guest blogger myself, I have found that this is the hardest aspect of the task. And I have failed at it. Miserably.

Thank you for reading this post (assuming you didn't just skip down the the end and only read this sentence, in which case I would like to thank you for reading this sentence). If you have any questions/kweshtins, feel free to post it in the comment box. Accurate or sensible answers are not guaranteed.